Design, construction and commissioning of warehouses and 
refrigerated chambers in the "turnkey" mode



Thermal insulation, Firewall solutions, Mechanical protection

INFRISA participates together with the customer's partners from the beginning of the conception of the constructive solution until the delivery of the finished building and in operation, covering its service and action the following phases:

Identification and understanding of the operational needs of the complex (warehouse, factory, silo, cold room, or all together), for the optimal definition of the project according to the various parameters required for the operation of the center: product, storage temperatures, heights and flows of goods, applicable law in constructive and environmental areas, among other variables of vital importance for achieving the desired goal.

Complete turnkey construction of the designed and projected complex until obtaining the activity licenses and with the starting up of the building, with the commitment of a closed price reflected in the contract for the complete turnkey construction of the designed and projected complex, until obtaining the activity licenses and with the starting up of the building.

Project for obtaining a construction license and accompaniment in the presentation to the competent administrative bodies.

Detailed construction project with the necessary elaboration of calculations, plans, etc. in all the required specialties.

Complete turnkey construction of the complex designed and projected until the activity licenses are obtained and the building is put into operation. The turnkey construction modality allows (a) obtaining a closed price without deviations in the budgets, (b) the appropriate coordination of all the items that compose the construction, (c) a unique interlocution before the promoter, (d) to assure the attainment of the completion of the work in the best possible term and previously programmed, and (e) always the expected quality according to the designed project and the expected profitability.

Obtaining the license of first occupation and operation or activity.

After-sales service for repairs, modifications, maintenance, consultations, extensions and various studies related to the construction previously carried out.

All this will allow you to achieve the priority objective of building your complex, with the additional advantage of having hired a single company, responsible from the execution of the project, the management of the work and the construction, until the delivery of the keys and immediate start of operations.

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We are leaders in the design and turnkey construction of buildings with cold rooms, temperature-controlled warehouses and food industries of high demand and rigor in terms of functionality and safety, controlled temperature and humidity, hygiene, food safety and health and energy efficiency.

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